Thursday, August 20, 2020

COVID-19 and Hearing Health

 During this challenging time we're in, hearing health is also experiencing difficulty with muffled voices behind mask wearing.

It seems like every business and health issue is under new restrictions since the Coronaviris hit us this year. 2020 has become the most difficult year for people who have a hard time hearing conversations - especially in noise.

Hearing Health has been hit harder than most other ailments since people are wearing masks which muffles their voice; this makes hearing loss patients struggle since most of their hearing aids were not programmed for muffled voices behind masks.

Since this is a problem with so many patients, we have implemented plans to give a little more boost in the voice range to offset this new hearing challenge. Of course it must be noted how low-level hearing aids (usually costing $3,000.00 or less) cannot handle our custom "voice boost" since they are not capable of advanced programming for this new problem.

But all the mid-level to top-of-the-line hearing aids have much better features (you still get what you pay for) to handle voice boosting for extra muffled sound behind the masks. This goes for social distancing too since it's obvious how a distant voice is harder to hear than a close up conversation.

In our office, we have designed this approach to be permanent or temporary since no one knows when this virus will subside enough to eliminate this new hearing challenge. Our custom programming software is designed to save every programming appointment so we can go back in time to upload a patient's former settings or even set it to something in between. So we can go back to pre-COVID programming at any time.

Feel free to call us if you'd like to set an appointment for this great remedy to today's muffled voice problem. If you have purchased your hearing aids from us directly, there is no charge for this custom service.