Monday, April 11, 2016


Is it possible to enjoy a Hearing Aid that's nearly invisible...?

"So small, no one sees them!"

Hearing Loss

DRAMATICALLY improved “Hearing Aids” are now available.

NEW Advances that most people don’t know about…

1. NEW ‘HEARING AIDS’ are very small and not easy to see. They also come with color choices to match your hair. The miniature (Discrete) wire that goes in your ear, has a transparency that is almost undetectable.

2. With BLUE TOOTH features, you now have the ability to wirelessly stream your T.V. or Smart Phone directly into your hearing aid. No more turning up the T.V. louder than your loved ones can take… Listening to music from your Smart Phone can stream directly into your NEW Hearing Aid too.

3. NEW SMART TECHNOLOGY chips allow the premium models to automatically adjust your hearing pleasure to your environment:
Crowded/Noisy restaurants will have the background noise attenuated while the person you are talking with is “Singled Out” for nice clear conversations: Even if you turn your head to another person! WATCH A VIDEO EXAMPLE HERE

Crystal Clear Hearing Aids help choose the right hearing aid for you! We've done the research and have tested the top brands of hearing aids to make sure they suit your needs and your budget.

There are many other great features: Receive a FREE demonstration by calling us at (714) 630-7800 or visit our website at: 

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You're are going to LOVE the way you HEAR!