Friday, April 21, 2017

Hearing Loss and Dementia: Are you at Risk?

Are you at risk for dementia?
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Crystal Clear Hearing AidsCan hearing aids help decrease the risk of developing dementia, alzheimers, memory loss and cognitive decline?

Yes. While there's no guarantee hearing aids will prevent mental health issues, treating hearing loss with professionally recommended hearing aids can significantly reduce your risk of these and other health problems.

We know eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise reduces all sorts of potential health risks; Treating your eyes usually reduces headaches and unnecessary stress; and now it's time people realize the importance of also treating their hearing loss to complete their healthy lifestyles because your ears are just as important as your other critical organs.

Mental health disease
But more than that, I can personally testify how my hearing aids have reduced a lot of stress, since I no longer have to strain to hear was similar to the strain my eyes endured before I finally broke down and purchased my first set of reading glasses. 

Many of my patients have thanked me for the same type of relief after their two-week hearing aid check up. My father-in-law no longer walks with his cane since hearing aids helped his balance issues.

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