Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Only one Hearing Aid?

It makes sense to save a bundle by just getting one hearing aid instead of two...Right?

two Hearing Aids
"No, you need two hearing aids to balance yourself out"
 Actually, if you have hearing loss in both ears, than treating just one side will do you a huge disservice. It's a bit like walking with one shoe on and the other barefoot - we all know what will happen: you will soon experience hip and back problems and you could even fall over when taking stairs or uneven ground.

Treating just one ear does similar potential damage to your brain; after all, we hear with our brains. Our ears are only the conduit to deliver sound to the auditory cortex, which is the part of the brain that processes sound.

Our amazing bodies were designed symmetrically. The body likes two equal eyes, two equal sized legs etc. Our brain is so accustomed to even-sided organs, that even the slightest disruption can cause not only fatigue, but also an onset of potential health problems. Especially balance problems! That's why the elderly fall often - many of them have untreated hearing loss or treated it too late in life.

Another perfect example would be having just one eye glass - of course no optometrist would ever suggest it since they too know how the body needs equality on both sides. And if you had only one, imaging the headaches you'd get!

We Hear with our Brain
 I've even noticed this with Tinnitus. (Ringing in your ears). A few patients have come to my office with ringing in only one ear; or at least it seemed that way. However, in many cases, one hearing aid in that affected ear was not completely effective. That's because up to 80% of sound travels from one ear to the opposite side of their brain - so sound coming from your left ear routes most of the information to the right side of the auditory cortex. There is a massive and complex cross-network in your brain's hearing and that helps localize sound from all directions.

Speaking of that annoying ringing or buzzing in your brain:

Millions suffer from Ringing in the ears, known as Tinnitus
So far, we have found only one way to treat that annoying Ringing in Your Ears, otherwise known as Tinnitus.

Since Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss (even mild loss like what I have) the top Hearing Aid manufacturers like ReSound have developed a highly sophisticated masking technique found only in hearing aids. So while treating your hearing loss (of any degree) we also have an 80% effective success rate to get rid of (or at least reduce) Tinnitus.

For me, this removed more than half of my daily fatigue and I have far less headaches than ever before.

It all starts with your hearing test, known as an audiogram; our intelligent Hearing Aid software takes your hearing loss information and uses a special pleasant white noise (like a nice ocean noise) to feed just the right information, which basically tells your brain to stop ringing. You should see the faces of our patients who have responded favorably to this amazing treatment! What a relief is an understatement!

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